Jun 142012

Qualitative Research SIG
Call for Proposals
Annual Conference 2013—San Francisco, April 27–May 1
Submission Deadline: July 22, 2012

Synopsis of AERA’s general theme for the 2013 conference:
Education has long been seen as a way out of poverty. Educational systems also perpetuate cycles of poverty and wealth. Poverty interacts with education through local, national, and international systems of financial markets and the global knowledge economy. The goal is to consider the relationships of education and poverty. The theme is conceived broadly to include the ways that education theory, research, policy, and praxis contribute to alleviating economic, intellectual and moral poverty.

We would like Qualitative Research SIG members to consider the meaning of this general theme for conducting qualitative research in education that deals with these issues. How can concepts of poverty, wealth, resources, having enough, care-taking, and responsibility be fruitfully studied through qualitative research methods—especially in studies that engage either and/or both privileged and/or struggling communities and people? We are especially interested in methodologically innovative approaches that disrupt, reframe, and re-imagine the deficit discourses often applied to poor people and people of color, especially in regard to poverty and material wealth, but also presumed cultural deficit and impoverishment.

The AERA online submission system is now open, and details about the formal call for proposals and the July 22, 2012 deadline can be found at http://www.aera.net/Portals/38/docs/Publications/AERA%20Highlights/AERA2013AMCallForSubmissions.pdf

While proposals which address the yearly theme are encouraged, proposals on all topics that make contributions to qualitative research methodologies are welcomed. Proposals for papers, posters, roundtables, and symposia/sessions are invited, and innovative session designs are encouraged. In order to accommodate flexibility in program decisions, please select all of the formats in which you would be willing to present your work; every year there are far more spots available for poster presentations and roundtable papers than individual papers and symposia. Please also note that ‘working group roundtables’ and ‘structured poster sessions’ count as symposia (even though they are named to suggest otherwise), and thus compete against numerous other proposed sessions for a small number of slots.

Please share this call for proposals with all who may be interested.  The number of sessions allocated to each SIG is determined by the number of proposals and the size of our active membership, so please consider our SIG as a place to share your work, and renew your SIG membership when you submit your proposals.  Encourage students and colleagues to join our SIG too.  

All information about the annual meeting can be found at www.aera.net. You can also go there to volunteer to serve as a session chair or discussant for Qualitative Research SIG sessions at the 2013 meeting.  These are especially important roles for senior scholars, in order to provide leadership and mentoring.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kate McCoy & Carolyn Stevenson

AERA Qualitative SIG Program Co-Chairs

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